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Dental Cleanings In Sandpoint

Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint is the Premier choice for Sandpoint Dental Cleanings.

Our Top-Notch Dentists and Oral Hygienists work with you to help maintain good oral hygiene, and our friendly office staff assists in finding the most convenient time for your Sandpoint Dental Cleaning that fit your schedule.

Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint offers the very best Dental Cleanings and Examinations in Sandpoint, and our patients feel this difference once they walk through the door.

The first thing your Dentist will do is visually examine your teeth, mouth, tongue, and jawbone to determine if there are any problem areas that should be addressed further. If there are any issues of concern, you can rest assured that our Dentists and Hygienists will work as a team to find you the simplest and more effective form of treatment.

Our patients arrive at Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint with a variety of Dental needs, but for a routine Sandpoint Dental Cleaning you can expect the following:


Having X-rays taken is quick and painless; they give your Dentist accurate images of your teeth and bones, allowing them to further inspect any problem spots they might have discovered from the visual exam, in addition to any bone-loss and decay not yet obvious to the naked eye.

Tooth Decay

Each tooth will be looked at by your Dentist, who will gently prod your teeth in search of weak spots, usually an indicator of a cavity forming. Early detection means a simpler (and less expensive) treatment, saving you time, money, and stress.

Gum Disease

Next, your Dental Professional will closely inspect your gums, which are the foundation of your teeth. They’ll look for signs of Periodontal Disease, and any work needed beyond the scope of your visit will be scheduled for a future appointment.

Restoration Checkup

Our stellar Dentists and Hygienists also study your existing dental work, such as fillings, Dental Implants, Dental Crowns and Bridges. They take care to spot any areas that may need restoration or repair to help keep your dental work strong and effective.

Oral Cancer

Your skilled dentist will scrupulously inspect your mouth for signs of oral cancer, a crucial point of your examination. The earlier the detection, the more options you typically have for further treatment.

Once your Dentist is finished examining your mouth, it is time for one of our meticulous Dental Hygienists to begin the actual cleaning.

Here’s what to expect when visiting for a Sandpoint Dental Cleaning:

Plaque Removal

Over time the bacteria in your mouth can multiply and cause tooth decay in the form of plaque, a sticky substance on your teeth that can’t be brushed away. Your highly skilled Hygienist will use specialized tools and equipment to locate and remove plaque-affected areas, greatly reducing the chance for cavities and inflammation to develop.

Tartar Removal

Plaque tends to form both above and below the gumline; it’s that hard, gritty, yellow-tinted growth you begin to see if you skip your cleanings and brushings. Professional removal of tartar a few times a year is essential to have a strong, healthy smile, and our friendly and patient staff can teach you how to maintain it between dentist visits.


After having plaque and tartar removed, your teeth are ready for their beautiful polish. Using brushes that spin super-fast (yet gentle), the expert Hygienist will polish each and every tooth’s surface, removing any residue of plaque or tartar left from the cleaning. Once completed your mouth will feel cleaner, fresher, and shinier than ever.

For simply the best Family Dental Cleanings in Sandpoint, visit Loftus Family Dentist Sandpoint and see why our patients return to us again and again for the most comprehensive and compassionate care in Family Dentistry.

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