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Metal-free Dentistry In Sandpoint

Always a step ahead, Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint offers premier Sandpoint Metal-Free Dentistry.

Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint is pleased to offer cutting-edge Sandpoint Metal-Free Dentistry, a safer and more durable alternative to metal alloys. We continuously strive to meet the various needs of our patients, including those who are sensitive to metals.

Dentistry technology has advanced considerably over the past few decades. Alternatives exist to make smiles more comfortable and visually pleasing, and top-notch Metal-Free Dentistry in Sandpoint is proudly offered at Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint.

It is no longer necessary to utilize metal alloys, a welcome change for the many people who negatively react to metal. In addition to being uncomfortable in changing weather and food temperature, more research has surfaced proving that the metals:

Composites, ceramics, and zirconia are replacing metals, and with stellar results: no longer will your teeth contain dark metal spots; composites dry to a color that closely matches your tooth, a bonus for those previously self-conscious about metal fillings.

One of the best attributes to composites is that they simply fill the existing space, and no more drilling of the area is needed. This preserves more of your teeth, and our goal at Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint is to offer you the most comprehensive, least invasive options available.

The latest and greatest Metal-Free Dentistry in Sandpoint is the use of zirconia, an incredibly strong element that is an alternative to porcelain, making it ideal for Dental Crowns. It’s highly resistant to chips and cracks, with people reporting full and even improved chewing function! The difference is night and day, and our patients continue their lives with confidence in their new smiles.

The Top Family Dentist Sandpoint team works tirelessly to provide you with the expert Metal-Free Dentistry you deserve; schedule an appointment today!

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