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Dentures In Sandpoint

Sandpoint Dentures are an economically sound solution to tooth loss and repair.

Advances in Dental Technology have produced realistic Sandpoint Dentures and Partial Dentures, making them more affordable than ever. As your premier Dentist, Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint is here to help restore and improve your smile.

The concept of Dentures hasn’t changed much over the years, yet many people are unaware of the scientific enhancements that make them a desirable option. Crafted using acrylic resin and metal, Dentures and Partial Dentures are stronger and more aesthetically-pleasing than materials used in the past. Some patients require a stronger metal base, while others are satisfied with plastic resin.

Partial Dentures are common for those who need to restore just a few missing teeth. They’re designed to secure onto your adjacent teeth with clasps, filling the missing spaces. A complete set of Dentures, however, is used to replace the entire dental arch.

Most of the time Dentures are made to simply fit over your gums with suction, but there are instances where adhesives will be used to make sure your new teeth stay strong and stable. Your Dentist will determine the best solution for your situation.

A consultation with one of our talented Dentists can help demystify the process. You’ll not only have the opportunity to ask questions, but you’ll also be able to see examples of just how far Sandpoint Dentures have advanced.

Dentures and partial Dentures are an excellent choice for patients missing one or more teeth, and the top-notch Dentists at Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint will ensure you understand all the tools that are available to you. Call our office today to learn more.

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