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Full Mouth Reconstruction In Sandpoint

Transform your smile with Sandpoint Full Mouth Reconstruction.

Big changes can be daunting for some, and rest assured Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint provides the best Sandpoint Full Mouth Reconstruction, guiding you every step of the way.

Life is pretty unpredictable, and sometimes an injury or illness can harm your teeth to the point where Full Mouth Reconstruction becomes necessary to restore function and appearance. This includes replacing severely damaged or missing teeth, as well as more complex bone reconstruction.

Your first visit will be a consultation with a Prosthodontist, a Dentist who received specialized schooling and certification to reconstruct teeth and bone; this is similar to how a medical doctor becomes a Prosthetist. They’ll present all options available to you and develop the best treatment plan to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Everyone’s journey will be different, with some patients needing Dental Crowns and Bridges and others, Dentures and Dental Implants. Our empathetic team understands the challenges presented with loss of tooth function. Everyday activities, such as eating, speaking, and smiling, can become a source of anxiety when you’re in need of restorative oral care.

Compassionate Full Mouth Reconstruction in Sandpoint can be found at Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint. Our premier Dentists and Prosthodontists continuously educate themselves on the latest techniques to best serve our patients. We appreciate the difficulties that accompany missing teeth and work diligently to help rebuild your smile, giving your world a whole new outlook.

The relationship with your Prosthodontist continues past your procedure, and you’ll be provided with detailed information on the healing process. Routine follow-up visits will be scheduled to monitor your progress, and as always, please call our office should you need further assistance.

Healing times vary from person-to-person, and our top-notch Prosthodontists will explain your recovery instructions with patience and detail. We care about our patients’ dental health and well being, and Loftus Family Dental Sandpoint’s team is proud to offer the most artful Sandpoint Full Mouth Reconstruction.

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